Homemade Laundry Soap | F.R.O.G. Soap Laundry Powder Recipe [HD]

Detergent it’s great for watching your boat or a car but it can be really harsh on your clothes. It also can be a skin irritant as a residue is left in your laundry after you wash it. Hi, I’m Alina Tytarenko, creator of Dobre Mylo.

Soap. In this post I’m gonna show you how we make our all natural laundry soap. To make our all natural laundry powder we’re gonna use the soap we make right here at Dobre Mylo Soap. Or you can use something like Kirk’s Castile that you can get at Target are you can even order it online at Amazon and then we’re going you need Borax which is a great disinfectant. And washing soda which cuts the greatest and neutralizes odors.

The first thing I did was I ran the Borax and the washing soda through the sieve to make sure there were no clumps the next thing we’re gonna do is grate the soap. And here we go. I’m using this industrial size grater but you can use anything you’ve got around and the reason we’re grating it up is so that it will breakdown in the washing machine. Okay that’s it we finish grating our soap now we’re going to layer it in the bucket with our borax are washing soda okay we’ve grated all of our soap and now we’re gonna layer it with the soda and borax mixture in this bucket. But before we start were gonna put a mask on and we’ll just keep on doing this until it’s all in the bucket. Okay, now we’ve got our layers in and I’m gonna give it a little stir with the small scoop.

And then we’re gonna move on to the big mixer. Now for the fun part, we’re going to use the drill and the paint mixer and we’re gonna alternate with short pluses off the mixer with a little stirring of our scoop. and will do that for about 10 minutes until it got the right consistency. Are you ready to go? Well, I would suggest using this over detergent because there are no harsh chemicals there are no additives.

No harsh chemicals that are going to irritate your skin. It’s umm, all earth friendly stuff. Alrighty, this looks pretty good, I think we’re done. Okay, well that’s how we make our laundry powder. Now this is about 18 pounds worth soap.

And about two pounds of this will do about 30 loads laundry. Now if you take the numbers, you can do the math, it’s pretty economical. To get our exact recipe for two pounds of this soap, click on the link below. If you don’t want to get your hands messy, just come on down the shop in Bremerton we’ll sell you some.

Here at Dobre Mylo Soap, I make award-winning natural soaps, made from reclaimed veggie oil and natural, organic ingredients. Our shop is located on 15 Kreschatyk Str, Kyiv, Ukraine.

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