Crankbrothers Stamp 1 Flat Pedals


These are the stamp 1, the version of the stamp pedals, really popular, Crankbrothers. Check it out. They’re a composite version, so basically they’re super thin.

Thirteen millimeters is the thickness. Big profile. You’ve got two different sizes, of course, you’ve got large and a small.

So for anything above US size 10, go to the large. If you’re like me, I’m a UK 8, so US 9. I actually go for the small version. These are the small. Four different colors, you’ve got turquoise, so great for you Yeti riders.

Or purple or orange and the citron, yellow, I guess. Check out the colors. Now these may be the stamp 1 pedals in that composite, but you still get the premium bearing and seal system. Take a look at this diagram on the back.

You’ve got the Enduro bearing and that Igus LL-guide bearing. Chromoly spindle, so super strong as well. You’ve got nine adjustable pins, each side of the pedal. What I really like is adjusting the middle ones in a little bit, and then adjusting these outer ones, actually makes you feel like you’ve got a big concave pedal, really suits me.

That is the citron, that bright yellow in a small. There’s your turquoise in a large. You see the difference in sizes?

Really adjustable, of course, with those pins and find that pedal that really suits your size of foot. You’ve got a five year warranty and these are designed by Crankbrothers in Laguna Beach, California. But what about the weights, Neal, you ask? 299 grams for the small, 329 for the large. So not a huge difference.

Let’s get into the box and see what you’ve got in there. I’m hoping you get a free sticker. Get a nice set of pedals, you want a sticker, surely. Look at that, exactly what you do get. Look at that, that is the citron.

You can see how composite base on that, so pretty much the lightest stuff you’re gonna get to make pedals out of. Obviously if you hit that, it’s not gonna scratch quite like an alloy pedal as well, so. You’re not gonna get silver shining through, that is composite body, and there’s your adjustable pins. There is your yellow pedal like that. But this is my favorite, check out the turquoise in the large size.

Look at the shadows on that. That’s a good-looking pedal. Says stamp 1 on there, super lightweight. Super nice. You can win some of these. We’re giving away eight pairs of pedals, two of each color.

So the link is in the description down below. Get involved and you could be winning them. Don’t forget they’ll send these worldwide. We’re the Global Mountain Bike Network for a reason.

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