Today, you’re gonna be playing a game– – Okay. – (FBE) But it’s going to be a little bit different than usual. – Well, I’m standing so it’s gotta be interactive. – It seems I’m gonna be pretty physical over here. – Is it VR?

That’d be really cool. – (FBE) You’re gonna be using this. – Oh, okay, cool.

– Looks like a form of the Oculus Rift. – Is this the HTC one? (gasping) I heard this one was amazing!

– (FBE) This is a virtual reality gaming headset called the HTC Vive. – I’m assuming it’s like the Oculus? – (FBE) Today, we’re gonna have you try it out and play a game called “Job Simulator.” In this game, you will be going through the role of a standard office job. – (laughing) I will suck at that ’cause I suck at standard office jobs.

– I feel like it’s gonna be like playing Office Space. So excited. Let’s do it. – Okay, this is really weird. It feels like it’s right here. Like, I honestly feel like I could reach out and touch the desk.

– Oh, we got a paper airplane. Oh my god. This is crazy. – (bot) Come on! – What’s up, dude?

– (bot) Hello, human. Welcome to an accurate simulation of (monotone) Office Worker. Take a look at this board for instructions. – Where is the board?

Oh, there it is. – “Take paper when ready.” Oh my god. Where’s the paper? Is that the paper?

– Work assignment is here? (beep) “Get to work!” – (bot) Workers would traditionally start their day with an addictive liquid stew.

– (laughing) It’s the coffee cart. – Donuts? Hmm. – Yes.

I don’t know which donut– my kids would go for sprinkles. – I’m going for the sprinkles. – Um, this one.

– Where’s the napkins, buddy? ‘Cause this is unsanitary. Do I eat this too? Like, put it to my mouth? – (FBE) Yeah.

– (in awe) Oh! (munching) Whoa! (munching) – (laughing) It’s jelly filled. (laughing) This is cool. (munching) – Oh, I ate it. I ate the donut.

Oh my gosh. I could eat all of them. (munching) I love donuts.

(munching) Woo-hoo! Oh, I can’t pick that up. All right– where…

I thought I ate them. Oh, I didn’t eat these ones either. Ew.

(munching) Uh-oh. That might have not been a good choice, but all right, let’s get goin’. – I’ve got another fax. “Get to work.” – (bot) Now you are ready to start your day.

– Okay. – (bot) It’s time for (monotone) computer. – (laughing) “Wake up computer.” – (bot) The computer is the most important facet of the office, with humans and safety being a close second and third. – (laughing) What was– humans are a close second? – All right.

(buzzing) It’s– oh, it’s not plugged in. Why the hell would my computer monitor not be plugged in? (buzzing) – Oh, of course. Who unplugs their computer every single night? (beep) – This is one of those old-school computers.

– Use the mouse? “Press trigger.” “Welcome, user.

Logging in.” – (bot) Email was an inefficient form of communication popularized in the mid-1990s. – Okay. That’s nice. Do I click my email then? What the hell?

(scrolling rapidly) – Whoa! (scrolling rapidly) (ding) 65,535 messages. – Can I delete? This is what I do with all my email at home. It makes it a lot easier to read it.

– (bot) Ah, the freedom of inbox zero. – (laughing) – I didn’t even read them. I’m a horrible employee.

Well, then again, who reads their emails? – There’s a basketball hoop right there. I threw my ba– oh, yes! All right, guys. Let’s do this.

(buzzing) We’re gonna come back to that later, but I will make it. But– oh. – I’m taking the same paper and it says the same thing. – (bot) Here comes Supervisor Bot. Better look busy! – Ah, crap!

Where’s my fake Excel sheet? – (Supervisor Bot) Okay, everybody. Let’s make some (monotone) business.

Johnson, I’m counting on you to (monotone) to paradigm shift those (monotone) optimizations. – (Johnson) Uh, y-you can count on me. – (Supervisor Bot) That’s what I like to hear! Hey, human! You’ve been doing a (monotone) good job. – Thank you!

– (Supervisor Bot) I’m thinking about giving you (monotone) a promotion. In fact, if nothing goes wrong in the next ten seconds, the job’s yours. – If nothing goes wrong in the next ten seconds? Okay, um… – Look busy. Hmm.

(typing) Hmm. I’m just typing over here. – (Supervisor Bot) You see? That’s why I like you. Always workin’ hard to climb that ladder. Take this.

The new position’s yours. – Yes! – Oh, okay, cool.

“Assistant to the supervisor.” ♪ (chime) ♪ So I got a new job title. – Where should I put this? Somewhere where EVERYBODY can see it. I’ll just put it right here.

– “Assistant to the supervisor.” Hwah! Oh, I almost got him. – What else am I work– – (boss bot) Have you seen the latest sales report? – No, I have not seen it. – (boss bot) This isn’t good.

Load up the old spreadsheet program and fix these numbers. – Oh my god. Spreadsheet program. Open. Open. Open.

(beeping) – “Fix the numbers.” So, what, am I just gonna forge some stuff? (buzzing) Oh! Oh, I’m sorry. – Sales are not lookin’ good. We’re spending too much on hot sauce– guys– and staples.

– Why did we spend– sir, why did we spend $7,000 on hot sauce? What? $7 million on hot sauce! And staples? Oh my god. You– you shouldn’t be the boss.

– What am I supposed to do now? I have to get profits up? How do I do that?

(clicking) Am I cooking the books? (shocked) What? Zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero. Hey! We’re in the green.

– Look, sir. That totally wasn’t illegal, what I just did. – Perfect. (profit line rises) Look at those profits!

(beeping) Aren’t you proud of me? – The books… (laughing) “Totally legit revenue book.” There you go.

– (boss bot) Wow, you cooked those books like a professional! – Next work assignment. I’m ready, guys. Let’s do it.

What do we gotta do? “Snack attack.” – (bot) At midday, humans would interact with primitive robots known as (monotone) vending machines to obtain food. – Where’s my money?

Do I have a wallet or anything? – I’m gonna go… triangles? Come on! Let’s go.

Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go.

No? Oh. (laughing) Thank you. Thank you very much. That was nice of you just to give me money. – Thank you, sir, for this kind money.

(beeping) And I’m gonna get a burrito. (beeping) – I want a burrito. (beeping) – (bot) Looks (monotone) delicious.

Enjoy your meal, human! (munching) – Whoa! We’ve got beans, rice, guacamole. – Now I get my triangles. – (bot) Looks (monotone) delicious. – Oh my god.

So delicious. (loud crunch) One bite, baby! – Just– (loud cruch) (laughing) I just ate the whole bag.

– Am I a great coworker? (sighing) Am I a great coworker? Rude. (whirring noise) – (coworker bot) Bot number (monotone) 10110 is retiring tomorrow and we wanted to give him a parting gift. Everyone’s pitching in. Why don’t you give me something you’d like to contribute?

– Huh… how about this smiley face ball? What about that? – (coworker bot) Oh, how thoughtful!

– Yeah, well… – Can I give him a stapler? – (coworker bot) Oh, how thoughtful! I’m sure they will (monotone) appreciate it. – Reminds me from Office Space. “Th-Th-That– That stapler.”

– (coworker bot) Do you think you could type up a quick card to go with this? It would make it a lot more (monotone) personal. – They’re asking so much of me. – Now I gotta type up a card for Bob here. He’s retiring.

– A resume note, a thank you note– no. Get well, no. Birthday, no. A haiku!

Done! “I-E… I enjoy…” – “I enjoy my work. The cubical is my home.” – “To live is to job.” (ding) I was gonna– it’s not a touch screen.

– A thank you note. “Thanks for being so good at job.” (ding) With a smiley face. – Love letter, because I want him to leave just wondering what we could have been, you know? All right. There we go.

– (laughing) “I emotion you.” – So I’m assuming I need to print that out, you know, ’cause we’re gonna share that with– – (coworker bot) That looks good. Hand it to me. – That looks good.

– I emotion you. (softly) Don’t tell him! But I really emotion you. I don’t ever want you to leave. (deep sigh) – (boss bot) Hey, look, I’ve got some papers I need you to shred.

It has to be you for legal reasons. – (laughing) Okay, got to shred some paper for legal reasons. – (boss bot) Here, just look in the case.

Shred everything. Just get rid of it. – Oh, there’s the books that I cooked.

Okay, cool. – Oh– oh no! Oh, wait. (buzzing) (paper shreds) – Let’s see– another book.

Pick it up from the floor. Shred it. – All right, this is a really weird shredding machine.

It seems kinda dangerous. Why am I– am I shredding money? I feel like I could use that.

– I’m mad at you for this, but fine. There you go. – Turn off the shredder. – (boss bot) Ooh, that was a close one! – (scoffs) “That was a close one.”

– (boss bot) …nothing to see here. – Cheese it! It’s the cops! Okay, nothing to see here. – (cop bot) Hold it! Don’t let that bot get away.

– (laughing) – (cop bot) Don’t let that bot get away! – He went that way. – What? Was that the police?

What the hell is going on here? – (CEO bot) Hello, human. I am CEO bot. – Oh boy.

– (CEO bot) Boss bot needs to go away for a while, and you’ve been doing a really (monotone) good job. So I’d like to offer you a promotion! – Hell, yeah!

Oh, it’s my cake. – (bots) Happy (monotone) promotion… – (laughing) – (bots) … to (monotone) human. – Yay! Happy promotion to you. (party favor toots) – All right!

Awkward office celebration. Where everybody sings to you and you just stand there and don’t know where to look. – Okay, blow. (blows) (blows) (beeping) – (coworker bot) Sorry, human. Looks like there’s not enough cake for you. – There’s no cake for me.

That’s mean. – You realize I just got promoted and you all took my cake? You don’t need this.

YOU don’t need this. You’re still working over there, Jenny. You don’t even need to be here.

I earned this! I did a lot of things for this business. You– I don’t even know who you are. Are you new?

Did I hire you? Oh my! See, this is great. Now I’m ballin’.

– (coworker bot) Here you go, human! I got you a (monotone) present. – What is this? I don’t even know. I got a present!

Oh my god! You guys, this is the best day ever. (beeping) – Great, “Senior mid-boss aide.” – (CEO bot) Now that you’re the boss of this department, I’ll leave it to you to do the honors. (buzzing) – The honors of what? Work hard?

Go home? – Yeah! I can go home now. ♪ (party music) ♪ – (coworkers) Yay! Woo-hoo! It’s time to go home!

– Yes, time to go home. – (coworker bot) Let’s get out of here before our boss tries to stop us! – All right. – Yay! I get to go home now. But I have to come back on Saturday.

– That was, like, the best day at work of all time. – I totally forgot that I was in this room, or that there were other people around. – I never thought a cubicle job could be so fun, and I made so many friends even though I got rejected a few times, but it’s life. It’s life. – Thanks for watching this episode of gaming on the React channel. – What are you playing on the VR?

Let us know in the comments. – Subscribe so you can watch us make work fun again. – Thank you guys for watching this. It means a lot that you guys keep watching and I’m really grateful that you let me do this stuff that I get to do. – See you guys next time! ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪

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Homemade Laundry Soap | F.R.O.G. Soap Laundry Powder Recipe [HD]

Detergent it’s great for watching your boat or a car but it can be really harsh on your clothes. It also can be a skin irritant as a residue is left in your laundry after you wash it. Hi, I’m Alina Tytarenko, creator of Dobre Mylo.

Soap. In this post I’m gonna show you how we make our all natural laundry soap. To make our all natural laundry powder we’re gonna use the soap we make right here at Dobre Mylo Soap. Or you can use something like Kirk’s Castile that you can get at Target are you can even order it online at Amazon and then we’re going you need Borax which is a great disinfectant. And washing soda which cuts the greatest and neutralizes odors.

The first thing I did was I ran the Borax and the washing soda through the sieve to make sure there were no clumps the next thing we’re gonna do is grate the soap. And here we go. I’m using this industrial size grater but you can use anything you’ve got around and the reason we’re grating it up is so that it will breakdown in the washing machine. Okay that’s it we finish grating our soap now we’re going to layer it in the bucket with our borax are washing soda okay we’ve grated all of our soap and now we’re gonna layer it with the soda and borax mixture in this bucket. But before we start were gonna put a mask on and we’ll just keep on doing this until it’s all in the bucket. Okay, now we’ve got our layers in and I’m gonna give it a little stir with the small scoop.

And then we’re gonna move on to the big mixer. Now for the fun part, we’re going to use the drill and the paint mixer and we’re gonna alternate with short pluses off the mixer with a little stirring of our scoop. and will do that for about 10 minutes until it got the right consistency. Are you ready to go? Well, I would suggest using this over detergent because there are no harsh chemicals there are no additives.

No harsh chemicals that are going to irritate your skin. It’s umm, all earth friendly stuff. Alrighty, this looks pretty good, I think we’re done. Okay, well that’s how we make our laundry powder. Now this is about 18 pounds worth soap.

And about two pounds of this will do about 30 loads laundry. Now if you take the numbers, you can do the math, it’s pretty economical. To get our exact recipe for two pounds of this soap, click on the link below. If you don’t want to get your hands messy, just come on down the shop in Bremerton we’ll sell you some.

Here at Dobre Mylo Soap, I make award-winning natural soaps, made from reclaimed veggie oil and natural, organic ingredients. Our shop is located on 15 Kreschatyk Str, Kyiv, Ukraine.

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10 INSANE Video Game Injuries

Usually you do not associate actual injuries with videogames Sure in sports or more physical events. You may end up hurting yourself and when you’re playing video games for a long time, You might get a little sore, but you would actually be surprised how many actual injuries have come from video gaming. What’S up guys Jimmy here welcome to chaos top tenza today, We’re gon na be taking a look at and counting down Tanna of the most insane actual video game Injuries.

We are running a two hundred dollar Amazon gift card giveaway the entire month. All you have to do to enter is like this Video be subscribed, turn on your notifications and leave a comment why you want to win it with your Twitter handle attached. I will announce the winner at the end of the month on Twitter.

Kicking off our list at number. 10 is my lawn Mathias. My lawn boards started his career at a very young age, Winning his very first league of Legends tournament online when he was only 14 years old back in 2011, which got the attention, of course, and ultimately, resulting in him signing with vti the following year. He saw decent success throughout the years and jump teams a few times eventually leading to him settling with pain gaming, although He is no longer signed with them and in 2015, on his 19th birthday, Myon got a pretty sinister gift, as he was hospitalized for lung problems, Which reportedly happened when he was playing Get used to hearing about lung problems, because you’re going to be surprised how many players have suffered from them during actual video game match At number 9?

All of my stern, you guys, may know this guys. He is currently playing Counter Strike global Offensive for phase and is widely considered to be one of the best players of all time. He started his career in 2012 with absolute legends and he had pretty solid success with them. He jumped teams a few times, but in 2016 he announced he would be taking a break from competitive play due to issues with his hand, which was later revealed to be a Repetitive strain injury, which is commonly referred to as gamers thumb and has caused by repetitive Tasks, forceful, exertions vibrations, mechanical compression stuff like that or even sustained or awkward Positions. All of Meister was able to overcome the injury and came back to competitive play in 2017, where signed on with faze clan, so he overcame his injuries At number. Eight, we have a young pro by the name of SC, got a lot of attention.

After starting off with the team for our utopia at the age of fifteen, He was one of the youngest Starcraft two players To actually ever do so. He became known for his very, very aggressive playstyle and always pressuring the enemy early on in the match. Before sitting back and playing more methodical in the later sections, He would keep them off balance. In August of 2011 s, He suffered a collapsed lung, Forcing him into surgery in a temporary retirement after the surgery, as he came back into competitive Starcraft 2, But suffered a relapse just a few months later, forcing him once again out of the actual league, he officially Retired, in 2014, after a long on-and-off battle with a Number seven, we have a player by the name of Kevin ppmd nany. He is one of the five gods of Super Smash, bro melee And, as unanimously regarded as one of the best players of all time, He’s known for his intimidating, Falco and graceful Marth, and despite his dominance, He announced his actual retirement in 2016 due to depression, low Testosterone and an overwhelming Physical fatigue that prevented him from competing at his best. He has since Started attending smaller local events and pretty much everyone in the melee scene is begging for him to make a return.

But he has yet to announce a full comeback And it comes to a point where you just look at your quality of life And even if your man at the very top the upper echelons, You look at it And say I’m not happy. Or this is debilitating and I have to make changes to fix it, and that looks like what Kevin PPMD has done At number 6. We have a Clinton fear Loomis, He’s one of the most respected dota players in the business, winning multiple world championships and winning millions of dollars Alongside it He’s currently the captain and part owner of Evil Geniuses.

But for a long time He actually suffered from issues with his hands due to over training. According to fear, he would practice for eight to twelve hours a day when he was at the top of his game and After a while, he ended up experiencing sharp pain in his forearm every time He would click the mouse which, as you guys can imagine, became A major problem for him as a dota player in September of 2016, he finally announced retirement due to him not being able to handle the pain during matches. He is still very involved with esports world, though, and he still coaches and owns Evil Geniuses, But the fact that he can’t compete because of that that just has to be gut-wrenching for this guy Cracking into the top five. Today We have Guardian another csgo player currently with phase Guardian first started his career in 2009, while playing counter-strike source before switching over to global Offensive. In 2012 he has had a great career was voted.

The second best player in the league in 2015 by Htlv org. Much like his teammate olofmeister Guardian suffered problems with his hands, But these were a little more drastic due to the actual circumstances. His wrist pain was so bad And he didn’t want to leave his team behind.

So during the grand finals of MLG Columbus 2016, He cranked up his mouse sensitivity to four times higher than his normal settings. In Order to make up for the lack of mobility in his hands. Now They ended up losing the match in taking home 2nd place, But the fact that, just that he did that that’s an ultimate team player, Making the sacrifice and trying to do what he could for his team. And I know some people will laugh that don’t believe eSports is a real sport and say: oh, it’s a hand, injury. It’S not that big a deal, anything that is heard on your body. I mean that’s a physical injury, They don’t.

I guess some people don’t realize how much toll you put through your hands when it comes to a keyboard and a mouse or a controller, a number 4. We have blade this Counter Strike. Global Offensive Player was the captain of the copenhagen wolves And it was definitely a rough time when he was hospitalized with a collapsed lung. He actually suffered the injury during a match at the Assembly winter tournament, but he revealed on Facebook that he didn’t want to leave his team or walk away from the match.

So he fought through it and Finished the match, resulting in one of his worst performances, o at ever 10 frags on two maps. After the match. He was rushed to a nearby hospital in Finland and was later sent into surgery when he got home to Denmark. This dude was playing with a Collapsed lung.

He knew what was happening and he still toughed it out to get through the match. That’S that’s insane. At number three we have Hyatt. Lamb is one of the most legendary PC eSports competitors of all time known for his work in League of Legends and Starcraft 2.

He started his career in 2012 when he signed with fear gaming But really broke out on the scene when he switched over to cloud 9 later that year and led them to two Championships. Unfortunately, his dedication to the game ended up. Getting him hurt in 2015 and pushing him in to retirement, He send a post online.

I can play xbox games with a controller or even a little of other games like League or dota or whatever, But whenever I even play two to three games of Starcraft 2. My hands end up killing me for an entire Week. This retirement was a brief one and he was able to come back into the game once his hand. Conditions Got a little better, But it was a pretty big deal for such a prominent player to announce retirement because he physically couldn’t handle the game anymore. At number two, we have a player by the name of Janus whose real name is Seong Joon of hua Hope.

I said that right He’s a professional overwatch player for luxury watch, blue and a tank player. Things get very, very stressful for him, however, when he missed a match at Apex 2017 due to him being rushed to the hospital for what was later to be revealed. You guessed it a collapsed lung. He was able to come back into the game and recover fully, although He reportedly was in a lot of pain for multiple events. Once He came back, This is yet another eSports player who suffered from lung problems. According to medical reports, Collapsed lungs are common in eSports players due to the poor posture in the skinny bodies being notorious for creating weak lungs.

Remember in those gaming habits, video that I did in the past, where I said you need to watch your posture well, This is a perfect example of why that is so important and it’s gon na be Sports is getting bigger and bigger. This is going to become more prominent as we go At number one. We have a che X, money side, pronounced packs money, Aziz, Al Yami, better known as hax money to the world of super smash. Bros melee was once one of the best players around and was at one point Widely considered the best Captain Falcon made in the world. However, After switching characters to Fox, he got a lot of attention for just how fast he was and how insanely Technical his playstyle was almost as if it was a computer. This is insanely fast computer, like style quickly Led to his downfall, is in 2014.

He reportedly felt an explosion in his hand, which resulted in two surgeries, one of which removed the ball From his left wrist. He was forced to retire from competitive melee, since he could no longer play on a gamecube controller, although He later was able to build and program his own unique controller. So he could start playing again despite his injuries, And he has since been attending tournaments and getting solid placings with his custom box controller.

There you have it my friends, Those are 10 insane actual video game Industry’s a lot of people – And I didn’t know before the start. Making of this video that collapsed lungs Were such a prominent thing when it came to eSports players, the stress that they put on their bodies, not necessarily in the sense of running miles and miles, but playing for 16 hours a day With their hands their eyes and Their wrists and their fingers it takes a toll, as you guys can see from this video. I hope you guys enjoy it. I hope it was informative Drop a like on the video. If you did there’s a playlist below, if you guys want to check out all the other gaming top Tens and I’ll see you on the next one.

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The Pain Gaming

– The International is coming. The world’s best Dota 2 teams fighting for their chance to be forever remembered as the greatest players of all time. Each team and player bringing with them a unique story to share.

This is the International Lowdown and this is the story of paiN Gaming. History in the making. Many regions have claimed the esteemed title of world’s best, but one region, only recently, has been given the chance for glory. Last year’s International 7 was the first TI to have a South American qualifier.

And SA came with the best they had at the time. But good teams take time to make. And this year we have witnessed the birth of the region’s first superstar team in the making; paiN Gaming.

paiN Gaming is Brazil’s biggest organization, and the largest esports organization in all of Latin America. With over half a million Facebook followers and nearly as many followers on Twitter. This is a team with a nation behind it. Originally created by CEO, Paada, who played Dota 1 professionally, the org is extremely ingrained with its players.

The CEO himself has played over 1,000 games of Dota 2 with Kingrd and even stood in for one of his players this year in the DPC. PaiN is the first Brazilian organization to ever qualify for a Dota 2 International. And the four Brazilian players are the first from their region to ever qualify as well. These guys are making history with every single step that they take towards that Aegis, not only for them, but for the South America scene at large.

A scene which is filled with passion. A true love of this game, but who has never had heroes to call their own until now. Things weren’t looking good too early in the DPC for paiN though. The kids had heart, but what they lacked was a touch of class in the mid lane. That was until midway through the season when a passport issue forced one of them to need a stand-in who ended up being the missing piece that would bring the team together.

The highly experienced Romanian player w33haa. paiN began their upward swing later in the DPC season. They had to learn English instead of Portuguese, w33haa had to move to Brazil, and the team had to deal with many challenges. paiN Gaming, however, only got stronger as the year went on.

And when the time came for the International qualifiers, a year of growth and setting new records for South America came to a head. They preformed better than any South American team in history. But, they were not always the superstars that we know them as today. In fact, many of the players come from very humble origins.

Duster was a die-hard Dota fan before he ever thought about being a player. Falling in love with Dota after watching Na’Vi at the International 3, he was a Na’Vi superfan. And you could hardly ever see the kid without wearing his favorite team’s shirt. He began playing ranked very seriously, and attended, pretty much, every small community LAN that he could locally.

Even those with no prize money. He went for the practice, sure, but he really went to go see his favorite local team paiN Gaming. He would grow to love the team even more than Na’Vi, and he followed them from event to event as their biggest fan. Eager to meet them and tell them his dream of playing with them on the team one day. Now, you gotta admit, this is a common thing that esports fans say all the time, but Duster took that dream to the next level.

He continued to sharpen his skills until he had grown so large that paiN Gaming actually took notice. After TI 7, paiN gave Duster a one time trial period, and after just one week, they brought him into a tiny room, CEO looked at him and said, “You’re the one I’ve been looking for.” The players he once idolized have now become his teammates, but they’ve also become his closest friends. Now the superfan has become a superstar, and the time comes for him to play in the tournament that inspired his wild ride. Kingrd is one of the most experienced members on the team.

Being part of paiN Gaming’s very first iteration all the way back in 2010, which was before the first International. Kingrd has always had a love of this game. A love that made him infamous in the early Dota 2 days with many North American players, like Arteezy, well aware of his skill, and big fans of his character. Approachable, charismatic, Kingrd is the people’s champion in Brazil.

However, the Dota road for him has not always been smooth. He quit the game, entirely, three times, but like the rest of us, he always came back. In his case however, he came back stronger than ever.

A man that loves to poke fun at himself, Kingrd’s original name was KingFat, and his teammates always call him Gordo, meaning fat, in-game, which is why his current handle is Kingrd, a mix of King and Gordo. Look, I didn’t wanna tell the story, but King told me that I had to tell it, so I don’t know. Anyway, King has always been a player that keeps his team happy as their captain, and after eight years of playing Dota, Kingrd has made it to the world stage.

And Gordo; he’s about to feast. Tavo has a similar story to Kingrd’s, starting his career around 2014, and playing on a team called CNB e-Sports Club with Kingrd, in his formative years. He left the squad due to lack of motivation, but formed a bond with Kingrd, and when King joined paiN later that year, Tavo, he was soon to follow. The two have been friends ever since.

And, while having a stint in SG e-sports for about half a year, Tavo knew where his heart truly belonged. Outta the game, the only things I hear about this guy are highly disturbing. Tavo’s talent is the art of loud burping. Something that you might see when they’re playing the game at the International. paiN refers to this as the lion’s roar. And Tavo will sometimes roar out before one of their big plays.

Tavo has been noted to eat anything by his teammates, and he also claims to be the best Techies player in the world. We hope to see the lion’s roar in full force this year at the International 8. From a very safe distance.

hFn is Brazil in a nutshell. Originally wanting to be a pro football player, soccer for us Americans out there, he grew up in a very small town, In the north of Brazil, called Patos. He left his entire life behind, though, to play Dota. Committing 100% and giving up his dreams of football stardom for the life of a pro gamer. While he is insanely good at his carry position in Dota, like most carries, he’s not too creative.

For example, his name hFn that means absolutely nothing. He just thought it looked cool. But you don’t need to be creative when you can play as good as hFn. Frequently the top killer in his team, and the rock that holds paiN Gaming together, many games have come down to how well hFn can execute under pressure, and he has hardly ever disappointed.

Bringing hFn to the International stage, is like bringing Brazil itself to the world. And just like his plays, hFn is sure not to disappoint. The man who helped take paiN to a whole nother level, is w33haa.

Started his career as a pubstar, he was different in that he was the most notable pubstar in history. Obtaining the highest MMR of any player for some time, and the first player in history to ever reach 8,000 MMR, forming his first pro team with his friends, Balkan Bears, w33haa would bounce around the pro scene for quite some time. Eventually though, he would be discovered by the one and only Puppey, who invited him to join ’em on Team Secret, which is where his career would really explode in competitive force.

His mid Windranger, Invoker, and even his Meepo, became the stuff of legends, and he made Secret one of the best teams in the world. Secret won the Shanghai Major much on the back of w33haa, but surprisingly he was kicked from the team immediately after their victory to make room for more famous names. Undeterred, and with little time before the International 6, he would join the relatively unsuccessful team Digital Chaos and help them achieve a second place finish at the International. w33haa has said that he thrives on the underdog role. Whereas in Secret, everybody expected him to do very well, on teams like Digital Chaos, everybody pretty much expected him to lose.

And that made winning all the much more easy. Bringing paiN Gaming the experience of playing at the International, w33haa is going to be instrumental in helping the team cope with the stress of their first TI. But, we all hope that somehow, someway, we get to see that mythical w33haa Meepo once again on the International stage. He’s gonna play a lot of Windranger, but a man can dream. And that is the story of paiN Gaming. A squad of old friends, and Brazilian brothers, who with every victory make history for themselves and their region.

For many places around the world, doing well at the International is sort of a expectation; it’s hardly an achievement. But for paiN Gaming, they’re fighting for something more than just themselves. They’re fighting to give their fans, their countrymen something to be proud of. For Brazil, for themselves, and for Dota 2 at large, we’re gonna see paiN Gaming this year at the International 8.

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Top 10 Mythology Video Games

This list of ten is among our favorites when we need our mythology kick… but don’t feel like reading. Looking for your own frequent dose of mythology? Be sure to subscribe now and click the bell for notifications on future videos. Are you a gamer and have a few suggestions of your own?

Let us know in the comments and, if you liked this video, be sure to give it a like. 10. Tomb Raider Considering the many lands that adventurer and raider of tombs, Lara Croft, visits during her gaming career, she’s bound to happen upon mythological references and figures along the way.

Throughout the series, Croft has squared off against many beasts inspired or pulled from ancient mythologies – such as Egypt’s Ammit in Lara Croft & The Temple of Osiris and various references to Norse Mythology in Tomb Raider: Underworld. Croft has also stumbled into Aztec, Japanese, and Grecian folklore, often represented by puzzles and texts discovered by the Tomb Raider. 9. Max Payne The focus of Max Payne is a disgraced DEA agent and former NYPD officer who’s on a quest to seek justice for his slain family. Though the third-person shoot ‘em up, which essentially introduced bullet time into gaming, seems like your classic, run-of-the-mill revenge story, it’s speckled with hints to online roulette.

The drug responsible for Max’s losses, Valkyr, references the Norse figure responsible for deciding who lives and who dies in battle. There’s also mention of Ragnarok, the Norse version of the end and rebirth of the world. Asgard even makes an appearance as a building used as a meeting place for a secret society. 8. Titan Quest This one-off from now-defunct video game developer Iron Lore Entertainment was originally released in 2006 for PC.

More than 10-years-later, it’s still popular enough to warrant an iOS/Android release and a port to the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. The Diablo-style gameplay and design worked well to bring to life the world of Grecian mythology, which was conceptualized by Brian Sullivan, designer for Age of Empires. Titan Quest features a host of mythical beasts from Greek mythology in a story revolving around lesser Titans and the salvation of Olympus.

7. Dante’s Inferno Loosely based on Inferno from Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, Dante’s Inferno amps up the blood and nudity as players control crusader Dante as he traverses the Nine Circles of Hell. Marked by Death to damnation for his many sins committed during the Third Crusade, after his assassination, Dante defeats death, learns of his wife’s murder, and descends into Hell to save his beloved’s soul from Lucifer. The digitized version of the Nine Circles are filled with grisly creations and recognizable figures from Alighieri’s depictions of hell. Players will float along the River Styx, break into the City of Dis, make their way through Purgatory, confront King Minos, Judge of the Damned, and slay Cerberus, the hound of Hades. 6.

Darksiders Centered around the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and, unsurprisingly, the apocalypse itself, Darksiders takes elements from the New Testament and puts gamers in the shoes of War. Summoned to bring order to a war-torn world no longer inhabited by humanity or watched over by the forces of Heaven, War sets out to clear his name after being accused of causing an early apocalypse. Darksiders introduces elements from the Bible including the Garden of Eden, the Tree of Knowledge, the angel Azrael, and the Endwar, or Last Judgment. 5.

Okami Clover Studio’s action-adventure game, Okami, pulls its title character straight from Japanese mythology. Set in classical Japan, players play as Okami Amaterasu, the Japanese goddess of the sun, who appears as a white wolf. The game’s title also refers to the Japanese white wolf, an extinct species of wolf that, in local folklore, was associated with the mountains and was thought to be both a benevolent and malevolent force. Amaterasu descends upon Nippon to remove a curse set upon the land by Orochi, the eight-headed demon. The journey is speckled with nods to Japanese mythology, including wood sprites; Susanoo, the Shinto god of the sea; and Kushinadahime, the Shinto goddess of rice and wife of Susanoo. 4.

Digital Devil Story: Mega Tensei In 1987, video game developer Atlus introduced gamers to Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei, a role-playing adventure set in a world ripe with demons and references to such mythical characters as Lucifer, Loki, and Izanami, Japanese goddess of creation and death. Rather than focus on one mythology, Megami Tensei – and the subsequent series of games that followed – touches on a host of different regions to create the extensive roster of enemies and key players. In the 1987 RPG, players control Akemi Nakajima, the reincarnation of Izanagi, a Japanese God born of the seven divine generations and fight against demons pulled from Egyptian, Greek, and Christian mythologies. 3.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice When Ninja Theory independently developed and produced Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, it did so with the intention of tackling the issue of mental health and internal suffering. On the surface of Senua’s journey to save the soul of her deceased lover is a hefty use of Norse mythology. The start of the Pict warrior’s quest takes her to the border of Helheim, or the Nordic underworld. Ninja Theory imbued the game with legends like that of Gram, the sword used to kill the dragon Fafnir (FAFF-near) , and Valravn, a supernatural raven rooted in Danish folklore. Aiding Senua are the “Furies,” or the whispering voices in her head, which are more connected to Greek mythology as three female deities of vengeance.

2. God of War It’s impossible to mention the word “mythology” in a video game discussion and for the God of War series not to come up pretty quickly. The original series, which spanned four console and two handheld releases – not including HD collections or mobile games – follows tragic Spartan warrior Kratos (kray-toas) on his literal war against the Gods of Olympus.

Zeus, Hercules, Athena, the Kraken, and Medusa are just a small selection of the many mythical figures in the God of War series; and the list will only grow when Kratos takes on Nordic figures in the warrior’s 2018 return. 1. Age of Mythology If you know gaming at all, you probably knew this was going to be in the #1 spot. In fact, any fewer than several dozen predictions in the comments is simply unacceptable!

Spun off from the popular Age of Empires real-time strategy series, Mythology sends players across multiple mythos, including Greek and Egyptian, as an Atlantean admiral and war hero. Along the way, players square off against Kraken, minotaur, cyclops, and centaur in a rather robust tale that involves Zeus, Loki, the Trojan Horse and war against Troy, Agamemnon, and Osiris. Thanks for watching! Know of some other games which make use of mythological figures or places? Tell us about them in the comments.

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