10 INSANE Video Game Injuries

Usually you do not associate actual injuries with videogames Sure in sports or more physical events. You may end up hurting yourself and when you’re playing video games for a long time, You might get a little sore, but you would actually be surprised how many actual injuries have come from video gaming. What’S up […]

The Pain Gaming

– The International is coming. The world’s best Dota 2 teams fighting for their chance to be forever remembered as the greatest players of all time. Each team and player bringing with them a unique story to share. This is the International Lowdown and this is the story of paiN Gaming. History in the making. […]

Top 10 Mythology Video Games

This list of ten is among our favorites when we need our mythology kick… but don’t feel like reading. Looking for your own frequent dose of mythology? Be sure to subscribe now and click the bell for notifications on future videos. Are you a gamer and have a few suggestions of your own? Let us […]