Liberia: Understanding the Cargo Tracking Note System and Its Benefits (2023)

Liberia: Understanding the Cargo Tracking Note System and Its Benefits (1)

CargoTracking Note or the Advanced Cargo System (CTN/ACS) might be new to Liberia,but certainly not new to the rest of the region, the African continent and therest of the world. Sadly, Liberia has been lagging behind in the implementationthis international requirement.

The CTNrequirement was implemented by Liberian Customs officials in 2018,obligingall Exporters / Freight Forwardersto obtain thiscertificate foreach shipmentbefore they touch Liberianports.

What is CTN/ACS?

CargoTracking Note (CTN) or Advance Cargo System was introduced by the InternationalMaritime Organization (IMO) call ISPs Code after the 9/11 attack in the USA asa means of improving the security around marine shipment.

Itis a system that is used to verify the security, safety and contents of every cargothat comes in and out of every port in the world.

ManyCountries in African continent require exporters to notify Custom Authoritiesabout the shipment details before they arrive.

CTNcertificates, also known as waiver documents, enable Marine Custom Authoritiesaccess information about exporter/importer, shipping route andmethods,type and value of the cargo, value of the freight as well as thedetails about commodity being carried.It is very important exportersubmits the CTN certificates before the cargo arrives at its final destination.

CTN,also known as loading certificate, provides security assurance and allowscustom authorities to track the shipment before it arrives to the port ofdischarge. Shipping or arrival without CTN certificate may result in high finesat the destination port. Also, through the system each country can maintainstatistical data for future logistical monitoring.

Types of CTNcertificate

Thereare different CTN certificates depending on the country of discharge. In fact,these are same certificate with different names. Each country requires its ownwaiver certificate and has its own regulations and requirements.

Thelist is as follows:

CTN:Ghana;Liberia,Sierra Leone.


ECTN:Republic of Chad;Togo;Guinea Conakry;Libya;Central African Republic;Republic of Congo;Burkina Faso;Burundi;Equatorial Guinea.

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FERI:DemocraticRepublic of Congo



CEE:Guinea Bissau

Advantages of CTN to the Nation as a Whole

CTN is also used to ensure the traceabilityof cargoes, which perfectly meets the safety and security requirements ofinternational conventions including the ISPS code, SAFE standards and theSupply Chain.

These considerations are taken into accountin the design and implementation of the CTN, so that the opportunities offeredby this document can be assessed from a twofold point of view: macro-economicon the one hand, and sectorial and operational on the other hand.

At themacroeconomic level it is possible:

  • To know the total value of sea freight, bothin mass and in relative share in relation to the value of exports and imports;
  • To monitor annual changes, cycles andstructural changes;
  • To make comparisons with the indications ofother countries whose foreign trade is mainly carried by sea;
  • To determine the rate of coverage of maritimetransport by national armaments and third-party armaments; etc.

Sectoraland Operational level:

CTN has many advantages for the economicoperator:

  • Improving the conditions for the removal ofgoods through the availability of information on actors, shipping conditions,merchandise, freight, etc. before the arrival of the ship;
  • Speed ​​up the merchandise removal process:save time, synonymous with reduced storage / warehousing or demurrage costs;
  • Cargo traceability: the system that allowsboth the exporter and the importer to track online the movement of goodsthrough the transport chain of the embarkation and disembarkation;1q
  • Knowledge and tracking of internationalshipping costs;
  • Development and publication for importers andexporters of a periodic report on the evolution of marine transport pricecomponents for the main categories of goods imported and exported;
  • The detection and the fight against cartelslikely to generate a restriction or an elimination of the competition in themaritime transport market destined for the sub-region;
  • Detection and fight against anydiscriminatory pricing practice;
  • The study of the behavior and degree of risktaking of economic operators in their international trading operations throughthe explanation of certain information from the CTN, such as Incoterms.

For the ports

  • Forecast volumes by types of goods;
  • Improvement of the occupation of thecontainer parks and the medians thanks to a faster delivery of the goods;
  • Improvement of handling rates thanks tobetter programming of operations;
  • Reduction of transit time, hence theimprovement of port yields and reduction of port costs, and consequentlyimprovement of port competitiveness.
  • Financing of security facilities and servicesas well as measures taken in the context of maritime border controls inapplication of international commitments

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For customs

  • Contribution to the fight against fraud,hence the improvement of customs revenue: the export declaration and the finalinvoice attached to the CTN discourage fraud on value and constitute for theCustoms sources of additional information very significant;
  • Control a posteriori thanks to theavailability of data made accessible on databases;
  • Accelerated customs clearance procedures.

It is made available to the Customs, whichjustifies the presence, among the mentions the value of the goods, main elementof work of Customs.

In the vast majority of countries, the CTN isa condition of admissibility of the declaration in Customs.

It must ensure the follow-up and theprocessing before the arrival of the goods, thus contributing to thefacilitation of the accelerated hand-lifting of goods upon their arrival andthe facilitation of the exchanges.

To this end, it is important to emphasizethat the CTN is not a customs instrument, but an instrument used by Customs andother administrations such as ports.

In countries where the collaboration betweenthe actors of the port community in the context of the exploitation of the CTN,these have really appropriated the system by relying on the access open to themto carry out electronically their controls before the arrival of the ship.

Who Pays for the CTN

The Cost of CTN is not new charge since theintroduction of the ISPS. It is a charge that is normally charged by ShippingLiners Call the Security Fee by which is Part of the Basic Freight Cost.However, from past experience when CTN is introduced by government, this chargewill increase but after few months, the shipping Liners will be asked to stopcharging this fee on their base freight and this will lead to a reduction inthe shipping Cost.

Role of carriers and RiskManagement

TheCargo Tracking Note system set up byGTMS clearly specifies the role of the carrier, who must ensure that the cargois covered by a valid BSC in accordance with international conventions (theisps code, safe standards and the supply chain, etc.). Liberia is a signatory.

Thecarriers ensure the physical inspection of the cargo before boarding and ensurethe conformity of the information provided during the request for CTNapplication.

GTMShas a security automaton built into databases for verification before anyvalidation of CTN.

Value Analysis system

GTMSnow has its own database of commodity values. This allows him in relation withhis worldwide local agents to check in case of doubt the information regardingthe value of the goods, the origin of the goods, and the method of payment ofthe invoice, the type of purchase or incoterms that covers the goods.

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TheGTMS Cargo Tracking Note system collects information from the vendor’s store tothe store in the destination country.

Tool for defending the interests ofeconomic operators

Byestablishing the Cargo Tracking Note System, the Port Authority of Liberia isconcerned with having a reliable source of information to fulfill their missionof defending the interests of the port community.

TheCargo Tracking Note scheme is considered as an obstacle to liberalism by someoperators. On the contrary, liberalism does not exclude the possibility ofcontrolling the said markets. This framework exists in the United States (theShipping Act) and in many European countries, in order to stop certain unfairpractices that may harm the interests of national operators.

International TradeFacilitation Tool

Thedata available on maritime services in the national economy are most often limitedto the recording of statistics on the flow of goods, without evaluation oftheir general or sectoral economic contribution.

Indeed,it is not carried out, globally and regularly, an assessment of freightdisbursements and the different costs borne by the main exported and importedproducts. This would promote the analysis of the competitiveness of maritimetransport services, in order to identify the malfunctions and promote theimplementation of measures and corrective actions.

Suchan approach is likely to enable authorities, professional organizations andeconomic operators to have relevant data and indicators on the sector and theperformance by sector.

Thejudicious exploitation of Cargo TrackingNote makes it possible to evaluate theoverall cost of the maritime component of transport, to monitor it and toprovide this indicator regularly on a macro-economic level and in an analyticalway.

Inaddition, the facilitation and speed of procedures, including theiranticipation, contribute substantially to the reduction of costs.

National Trade facilitationand Export Promotion Tool

Thefacilitation of the terms of trade and the reduction of the cost of freightwill certainly impact international trade on Liberia.

Theidentification of the actors of the chain of transport makes it possible toestablish the responsibilities in the event of litigation and to ensure aprovisional management of the international trade

Specificity of the CargoTracking Schedule in relation to the manifest

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TheCargo Tracking Note Scheme collects much more information in quantity andquality to BL and manifest. Some information is certainly informed from theattached BL, but there are additional entries that are not on the BL or thecargo manifests. These include:

  • Thevalue of the goods;
  • Thecost of transportation (basic freight and surcharges);
  • Insurancecosts;
  • Theterms of sale and purchase (incoterms);
  • Thepre and post delivery of the goods.


What is a cargo tracking note? ›

Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) also known as Bordereau de Suivi Cargaison (BSC) or Loading Certificate is an official marine document that contains information relating to the cargo and its movement between ports. This document is required to be submitted to the various shippers' councils in various countries.

What is the meaning of CTN in shipping? ›

A Cargo Tracking Note (CTN), also known as a Waiver Certificate, is a mandatory shipping document for importing cargo to 25 African countries. The Cargo Tracking Note is designed to provide local custom authorities with the required information and visibility about the import shipment.

How much does CTN cost? ›

The current price is $0.0665 per CTN.

What is the meaning of ECTN? ›

These waiver certificates (also known as ECTN – Electronic Cargo Tracking Note) are required by certain African countries to effectively control, supervise and manage import / export traffic to the country.

What are the four types of tracking? ›

Types of Tracking Technology
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) ...
  • Radio Tracking. ...
  • Near-Field Communication (NFC) ...
  • Geofencing. ...
  • Internet Tracking. ...
  • Cellphone Triangulation. ...
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS) & Satellite Tracking. ...
  • Efficient Tracking Solutions with Geoforce.
3 Mar 2022

What is CTN for Liberia? ›

CTN is a mandatory loading document for all shipments to Liberia. It is also known as BSC. It was determined as a regulation in 2018 by the Liberian Customs Officials. It is required for Greenville, Monrovia and any other port.

What does GW mean in shipping? ›

Those new to global trade and studying their first bill of lading may notice two weights for their shipment – the Gross Weight (GW) and the Chargeable Weight (CW). This applies to shipping via airfreight or ocean freight.

What is CTN measurement? ›

Unit of Measurement (UOM) Codes
31 more rows

What countries require a CTN? ›

The list of types of CTN is as follows:
  • CTN: Ghana; Liberia, Egypt.
  • BESC: Benin; Cameroon.
  • ECTN: Republic of Chad; Togo; Guinea Conakry; Libya; Central African Republic; Republic of Congo; Burkina Faso; ...
  • BSC: Ivory Coast; Senegal; Niger; Madagascar; Mali.
  • FERI: Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • CNCA: Angola.
  • BEITC: Gabon.

What country is CTN? ›

Ghana — CTN. Guinea Conakry – ECTN. Guinea-Bissau – CEE. Ivory Coast – BSC.

How do I become a CTN? ›

Requirements and Qualifications for Navy CTN

You must have graduated from high school. However, without a high school diploma, an equivalent degree is necessary. Along with the equivalent degree, you must have successfully completed the tenth grade. Also, applicants must be U.S citizens.

Why is it called cargo? ›

The first records of the word cargo come from the 1600s. It comes from the Spanish cargo, meaning “load,” from the Spanish verb cargar, meaning “to load.” It ultimately comes from the Late Latin verb carricāre, meaning “to load a vehicle.”

What is the purpose of shipping note? ›

Details. A standard shipping note ( SSN ) contains information about goods and the companies involved in sending, shipping and receiving them. It's used by carriers and customs officials. You must use a SSN if you're shipping goods overseas.

What is the purpose of a cargo control document? ›

Cargo Control Documents

Make sure that the numbers used for your PARS shipments and non-PARS shipments (referred to as Release on Minimum Documentation or RMD shipments) are not the same.

What are the two methods of tracking? ›

Overview of popular tracking methods.
Inventory Tracking Methods
  • Manual Tracking: ...
  • Card System: ...
  • Spreadsheets: ...
  • Accounting Systems: ...
  • Inventory Management Systems: ...
  • Open Source Software: ...
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS):
5 Nov 2020

What are tracking methods? ›

Methods of tracking are approaches used to track user activity and engagement. This strategy can include many feature sets that help track and analyses users, sales, and clicks. Such techniques are usually frequent in affiliate marketing.

How does a tracking system work? ›

A GPS tracking system does this by using the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network. This network consists of satellites that communicate with GPS devices to provide information on the current location, direction, time, and speed of the vehicle being tracked.

What are the 5 types of cargo? ›

There are five main cargo types:
  • Containers. This is the cargo that most laymen are familiar with. ...
  • Dry Bulk Cargo. Next, we have dry bulk cargo which is usually homogenous, in large quantities, and unpacked. ...
  • Liquid Bulk Cargo. ...
  • Break Bulk. ...
  • Roll-On Roll-Off. ...
  • Getting Freight Management Services.

Why are cargo ships registered in Liberia? ›

The Liberian registry was created in 1948, primarily as a means to offer U.S.-based ship owners a way to crew their vessels without being subject to U.S. labor and wage regulations and U.S. taxation.

Is CTN required for Liberia? ›

Container Tracking Note is mandatory for all shipments bound to Liberia or in transit through Liberia and it is under Shipper's responsibility. Each B/L must be covered by a valid unique CTN number which will also be inserted on the Cargo Manifest.

When was CDC founded in Liberia? ›

What does NW mean shipping? ›

– Directions are abbreviated with the appropriate one or two-letter abbreviation (e.g., “N” is the abbreviation for “North” and “NW” is the abbreviation for “Northwest”), avoid the use of periods after the abbreviated words and capitalize the abbreviations.

What shipper is WT? ›

WT Shipping Ltd. ships freight. The Company offers customs clearance, insurance, warehousing, transportation to customer, pick and pack, sampling, labeling, shrink wrapping, retail packing, hanging garment storage, and pressing. WT Shipping offers its services throughout the United Kingdom.

What does NW and GW stand for? ›

Gross weight = net weight + packaging/ container weight.

Net weight = gross weight – tare weight.

Does CTN mean carton? ›

CTNS stands for Cartons (packaging)

This definition appears very frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Business, finance, etc.

What is CTN heart? ›

Cardiac troponin (cTn) is the primary biomarker for the diagnosis of myocardial necrosis in an acute coronary syndrome (ACS). cTn levels can also be elevated in many other conditions, including heart failure, with significant prognostic value.

What does EA mean in quantity? ›

us. written abbreviation for each: used to give the price, weight, etc. of a single product: Purchase sample bottles at £25.00 ea.

Who will issue CNCA certificate? ›

Sujora Shipping is India's Authorised agent to issue CNCA Certificate for Angola. ARCCLA – Agencia Reguladora de Certificação de Cargas e Logistica de Angola. As the CNCA certificates are MANDATORY, please email us at for tariff & procedures.

What is Besc certificate? ›

The Basic Electrical Competence for Access, Movement & Egress (BESC:AME) scheme is for individuals who are required to carry out duties on or near operational plant and equipment in electricity transmission and/or distribution environments.

Who started CTN? ›

About Christian Television Network

Bob D'Andrea, CTN Founder and President.

How long is CTN school? ›

CTN training – Class “A” School is 26 weeks long and located in Pensacola, Fla. CTM training – Class “A” School is approximately 10 weeks in duration and located in Pensacola, Fla.

Where can Ctns go? ›

Typically, CTN will transfer between Cyber Mission Forces (CMF), Navy Information Operations Command (NIOC), Navy Cyber Warfare Development Group (NCWDG), Naval Computer Defense Operations Center (NCDOC), Naval Special Warfare, and DIRSUP Commands.

How long is a CTI contract? ›

CTI - initial tour length for all Cryptologic Technicians Interpretive (CTI) will be 42 months. CTI's are assigned according to the varying demand for the unique linguistic skills they possess. The in/out assignment flow is only a recommended flow and need not be followed to maintain career progression.

What is another word for cargo ship? ›

Synonyms of containership
  • tanker.
  • freighter.
  • barge.
  • warship.
  • steamship.
  • ship.
  • collier.
  • merchantman.

What is cargo example? ›

For example, if the cargo is dairy produce, it could be cheese, yogurt, milk, cream, or butter. We can also refer to livestock during transport, such as cattle, pigs, or chicken as cargo. When we transport humans, however, we refer to them as passengers or crew.

How is the delivery note used in the receiving process? ›

A delivery note is a document that accompanies a shipment of goods and provides a list of the products and quality of the goods included in the delivery. A delivery note can also be known as a 'dispatch note' or a 'goods received note'. Although they are normally printed, delivery notes are commonly sent by email.

Why safety of cargo is important? ›

The proper stowage and securing of cargoes is of the utmost importance for the safety of life at sea. Improper stowage and securing of cargoes has resulted in numerous serious ship casualties and caused injury and loss of life, not only at sea but also during loading and discharge.

What is the importance of cargo planning? ›

The cargo plan significantly reduces the incidence of accidents. The movement is carried out with full knowledge of steps, machinery to be used and the role of each person included in the process.

What are the four 4 most common freight documents? ›

The five most common documents for international shipping you should be aware of are bill of lading, purchase order, air waybill, and export packaging list.

What is a cargo document called? ›

A bill of lading (/ˈleɪdɪŋ/) (sometimes abbreviated as B/L or BOL) is a document issued by a carrier (or their agent) to acknowledge receipt of cargo for shipment. Although the term historically related only to carriage by sea, a bill of lading may today be used for any type of carriage of goods.

What is the main purpose of a shipping note? ›

The Standard Shipping Note is a shipping document that gives details about the contents of a consignment to carriers, receiving authorities and forwarders.

What is a freight note document? ›

(freɪt nəʊt ) a document containing full particulars of goods shipped or for shipment.

What is a cargo answer? ›

Cargo, also known as freight, refers to goods or produce being transported from one place to another – by water, air or land. Originally, the term “cargo” referred to goods being loaded onboard a vessel.

What are the four shipping documents? ›

Top 5 shipping documents all shippers should be familiar with
  • Bill of Lading. ...
  • Packing list. ...
  • Commercial invoice. ...
  • Certificate of origin. ...
  • Letter of Credit. ...
  • 3 Critical Tips to reduce cost when transporting heavy loads.
26 Feb 2019

Who prepares delivery note? ›

FAQs on delivery challans

A delivery challan is usually issued by a seller to the buyer when making the delivery of goods.

Who issues the delivery note and why? ›

If any of the goods are damaged, the person delivering the shipment on behalf of the customer should make a note of this on the delivery note. The supplier will then either send a replacement or raise a credit note for the damaged goods.

What are the two types of freight contracts? ›

Types of freight contracts
  • Broker carrier agreements are signed after a freight rate is agreed upon. ...
  • Load tenders are detailed agreements about the consignee that will receive freight. ...
  • Rate confirmations are a form of contract that legally binds all parties to the agreed-upon brokerage rate for freight.

What are the three types of documents that are required for every shipment? ›

Commercial invoices, bill of ladings, and export packing lists are among the most important shipping documents for shipping internationally.


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