How to Force Open Youtube Desktop Mode on iOS [2022] (2023)

Have you ever thought of opening YouTube as a full-fledged website on your handheld iOS device? YouTube is offered as an application on iPhone and iPad. But these apps lack many features which remain hidden as the process to optimize for mobile devices.

But sometimes, you may need to open a full-fledged YouTube website to enhance your experience. To try and watch videos on YouTube without a trimmed or omitted variant, I have found the easy ways to do so.How to Force Open Youtube Desktop Mode on iOS [2022] (1)

Why YouTube mobile app lacks desktop features?

Mobile apps are designed to optimize with mobo-sized chipsets and handheld screen sizes. To ensure optimal experience on mobile, developers just can’t keep adding features and functions all as a full-fledged version of YouTube Dekstop.

Why open Force Open YouTube Desktop Mode on iOS?

To optimize the experience of mobile users of YouTube, developers had hidden some of its features from the mobile apps. But users might feel those hidden features are essential, and one can easily browse YouTube on iOS devices with desktop mode.

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Enable JavaScript First

How to force desktop version of YouTube on Android

Open YouTube desktop version in Chrome

(Video) YouTube desktop mode on phone | Enable YouTube desktop mode 2022

Open YouTube desktop site in Firefox



Force Desktop Version of YouTube in Safari for iPhone & iPad

You can easily open a full-fledged YouTube desktop version on iOS devices. This is a simple process to follow that you can try in many ways. Let’s dive into it.

Enable JavaScript First

Before proceeding, you must enable JavaScript at first. Without turning on JavaScript, the methods and steps won’t be working as it was intended to. Many of the iOS devices are enabled with JavaScript in the first place. Make sure if it’s on or not.

Here are steps to enable JavaScript on iOS:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Safari.
  • Tap Advanced.
  • Turn On JavaScript from here. How to Force Open Youtube Desktop Mode on iOS [2022] (2)

You are done! You have successfully enabled JavaScript on your iOS device. Now follow the methods below.

Here’s a complete guide on how to get the old YouTube layout back.

How to force YouTube desktop version on iOS devices

Before you proceed with these methods and steps, it is recommended to uninstall the YouTube app. Uninstall the YouTube app and then try these methods.

Use Quick Link Shortcut

You can browse desktop mode YouTube on the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad using the quick link shortcut. This link works like magic, you enter it into the address bar, and your job gets done.

Here are the steps to utilize quick shortcut on YouTube Dekstop:

  • Launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Type com/?app=desktop on the address bar. How to Force Open Youtube Desktop Mode on iOS [2022] (3)
  • Tap Go.

You are done! This is how you can open a full-fledged desktop version of YouTube on your iOS devices.

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Use Desktop Menu on Safari

Felt inconvenient with the link mentioned above? Thinking like there, you may face typos or just leave the hassle to type stuff in the address bar. Then you can use desktop mode on your Safari browser on your iOS devices.

(Video) How to use desktop mode on iPhone 2022

Here are the steps to use desktop mode on Safari:

  • Launch Safari.
  • Type in the address bar and hit Enter.
  • This will take you to the mobile version of YouTube. Now press the Menu icon (located in the upper-left corner of the screen).
  • Scroll down to the Desktop option.
  • Tap on Desktop. How to Force Open Youtube Desktop Mode on iOS [2022] (4)

Here you go. Please wait for 2-3 seconds while the desktop version of YouTube gets loaded. Now you can enjoy a full-fledged desktop version of YouTube at your fingertips.

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Change Safari Settings

You can simply change the Safari browser settings to load the YouTube website at desktop mode from first. Changing settings in the Safari browser is easy, and by doing this, you won’t need to select desktop mode every time you visit YouTube.

Here are steps to change Safari settings on iOS 9 and above:

  • Launch Safari and tap on the address bar.
  • Type and hit Go (If you have a YouTube shortcut on the Safari homepage, you can tap on that to visit the site).
  • Tap and hold the Refresh Icon inside the address bar at the screen’s upper-right corner.How to Force Open Youtube Desktop Mode on iOS [2022] (5)
  • Tap Request Desktop Site from the dialog box that appears below.

Follow these steps if you are on iOS 8 or earlier:

  • Launch Safari.
  • Type and hit Go.
  • After the site loads fully, tap on the address bar.
  • Tap on Request Desktop Site right below the address bar. How to Force Open Youtube Desktop Mode on iOS [2022] (6)

That was all! After the reload, the desktop version of YouTube will be shown before you. Enjoy desktop mode on YouTube on your iPhone or iPad now.

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How to force desktop version of YouTube on Android

Although I was elaborating on the process of running desktop mode on iOS devices, you might be interested in running the same on your Android devices. You may have an android tablet, and the mobile version of the YouTube app is just a scaled-up version. You might have thought to utilize the extra space of tab running desktop mode on your android tab or smartphone.

As I have told earlier, the mobile version of the YouTube app is compressed and trimmed down version of the original YouTube site. Many functions are not available on the YouTube app that might seem necessary for some Android users. Have some time to spare? Quickly check out our epic guide onwhy is YouTube subscribing me to random channels.

Open YouTube desktop version in Chrome

You need to download and install the Google Chrome browser on your phone or tablet. Google puts their Chrome browser as a part of their Google Mobile Services. So you may have the browser in your app drawer.

Follow these steps to run Dekstop Mode on YouTube on your Android devices:

  • Launching Chrome, type com, and hit Enter.
  • After the pages load, click on the three-dot menu located at the screen’s upper-right corner.
  • Tap on Desktop Mode. How to Force Open Youtube Desktop Mode on iOS [2022] (7)

You are done! The page will simply reload in a while, and the delay will depend on your internet connection.

Open YouTube desktop site in Firefox

Yes, you can not only run the desktop mode on Chrome only. Instead, you can use any other browser like Mozilla Firefox to do the same.

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Here are the steps to run Dekstop Mode on YouTube on Android using Firefox:

  • Launch Mozilla Firefox.
  • Taping on the address bar, type com and hit Enter on your keyboard.
  • This will take you to the mobile version of the YouTube site. Click on the Options button located at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down and look for the Desktop Mode Turn on the button. How to Force Open Youtube Desktop Mode on iOS [2022] (8)

Your job is done! Enjoy the full-fledged YouTube Desktop Mode on your Android-powered devices now. Wasn’t that much easy?

(Video) How To Enable Desktop Mode in Safari on iPhone or iPad | Safari Request Desktop Website

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How do I force YouTube to desktop mode?

Just check the box saying Dekstop Mode in Chrome while visiting the site. If you are on Firefox, the same procedure will work.

Is YouTube available on iOS?

Yes, the YouTube app is available for iOS and Android both. You can find the app on Apple App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

Can you use YouTube on iOS 14?

Yes, you can use the YouTube app on iOS 14. Apple has introduced the picture-in-picture mode in iOS 14, ensuring multitasking can be done better while watching YouTube.

How do I access YouTube on my iPhone?

Download and install the YouTube app from App Store on your iPhone and iPad. If you are not willing to log on to your Apple account on that particular device, then you can just type in the address bar of Safari, and you can enjoy YouTube from your iPhone on Safari.

Why was YouTube not on App Store?

This contract expiration issue between Google and Apple led Apple to remove the YouTube app from their App Store in 2012.

Is YouTube preloaded on iPhone?

Yes, as per the contract, some apps like YouTube, Google Maps, etc., are preloaded on iOS devices. Apple and Google are bound into a contract to make it easy for the users; Apple will ship the apps at the first stage.

Is YouTube paid for iPhone?

No, but only if you take YouTube Red subscription, then not only on iPhone, you will have to pay for it on any devices you own.


So that was all about forcing YouTube Desktop Mode on iOS devices. I hope this article helped you a lot. Leave your comments down below.


How do I force my iPhone into desktop mode? ›

How to request a desktop site on the iPhone
  1. Open the Safari browser and navigate to any website.
  2. Once the website loads, click the “aA” icon available in the top corner positioned before the address bar. It opens the website view menu.
  3. From the available options, choose the “Request Desktop Website” option.
30 Nov 2021

How do you force a desktop on a phone? ›

Method 1: Enable Desktop Site on Mobile Browser
  1. Launch the Chrome web browser on Android. ...
  2. Tap on the 3 vertical dots for the menu.
  3. The desktop site can be enabled by selecting the checkbox.
  4. The page will reload automatically on your browser.
  5. You will be able to view the site's desktop version on mobile devices.
28 Jan 2022

How do I force a desktop site to open? ›

How to Always Get Desktop Version of Websites on Chrome on...
  1. You can use the checkbox available in the Chrome menu to view the desktop version of the website. ...
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and choose Settings.
  3. Now select Site settings.
  4. Now choose Desktop site.
10 Oct 2021

How do I request desktop mode? ›

Request Desktop Version of Website on Chrome for Android
  1. Open up Chrome browser on your Android Phone or tablet.
  2. Next tap on the 3 dot menu icon.
  3. From the list of options, tap on Request Desktop Site.

What is force desktop mode? ›

Use desktop mode to test new windowing features and capabilities added to the platform in Android 10. It's a developer option targeted for app developers and enables developers to test apps in multi-display and freeform windowing mode environments.

How can I trick a website not mobile? ›

Request Desktop Site on Android and iPhone

On Android, open Chrome and tap the three-dot Menu button in the top-right. Check the Desktop site box and it will reload to show you the full version. On Safari for iOS, tap the aA button to the left of the address bar and choose Request Desktop Website.

Why does desktop site not work on iPhone? ›

So, to fix the problem with your Chrome's “Request desktop Site” option, rotate your iPhone after turning off the Orientation Lock. You can get the Orientation Lock option by swiping down from the top right corner of your screen and clicking on the padlock symbol.

What do you do when an app won't open on your desktop? ›

Reinstall your apps: In Microsoft Store, select See more > My Library. Select the app you want to reinstall, and then select Install. Run the troubleshooter: Select the Start button, and then select Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot, and then from the list select Windows Store apps > Run the troubleshooter.

How do I enable desktop site in Safari? ›

Step 1: Launch the Safari browser, and visit a webpage. Step 2: Once you load the webpage, find the extension icon on the Safari address bar. Tap on it. Step 3: Select Request Desktop Website and Safari will reload the webpage in desktop mode.

Can I use my phone in desktop mode? ›

If your phone runs Android 10 and supports “display port alt mode,” you can try enabling “Desktop Mode” in the developer settings menu. Once enabled, you're still far from done and will have to install an APK, install Android Debug Bridge, install an app called Second Screen, and run a line of code.

How do I make desktop mode permanent? ›

Permanently enable desktop sites in Chrome on Android

Search for “desktop”, for “Global setting to request desktop site on Android“, select Enabled and restart the browser. Tap on menu , select Settings > Site Settings > Desktop Site> enable toggle to “Request the desktop view of sites“.

Which iPad can replace a laptop? ›

Apple's iPad Pro (11-inch, M2) is perfect if you primarily intend to use your tablet as a tablet instead of a complete laptop replacement. You can interact with the iPad using your fingers or the excellent second-gen Apple Pencil, and its keyboard support comes in handy.

Which iPad is most like a laptop? ›

Apple iPad Pro (12.9-inch, 2021)

Software improvements have been a big part of the last couple of iPad updates. Apple added cursor and trackpad support to make the iPad Pro is a true laptop replacement for some users.

Can an iPad act as a laptop? ›

Apple says the iPad can replace a traditional desktop or laptop for productivity, but that can be a big leap. These apps and tips will help make your iPad into a productivity machine. The iPad has become quite a versatile machine thanks to a combination of powerful hardware and several transformative accessories.

How do I add a desktop icon? ›

To add icons to your desktop such as This PC, Recycle Bin and more: Select Start , open Settings , then under Personalization , select Themes . Under Themes, scroll down and select Desktop icon settings. Choose the icons you would like to have on your desktop, then select Apply and OK.

How do I Create a desktop icon for an app? ›

Right-click the program name or tile, and then select Open file location. Right-click the program name, and then click Send To > Desktop (Create shortcut). A shortcut for the program appears on your desktop.


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