Etika Found Dead in the East River, NYPD Confirms (2023)

Etika Found Dead in the East River, NYPD Confirms (1)

Etika via You TubeEtika

Popular streamer Etika has been found dead in the East River days after posting a final video to YouTube titled “I’m Sorry.” The NYPD says Etika’s body was recovered near the Manhattan Bridge, where the 29-year-old YouTuber, whose real name was Daniel Desmond Amofah, had been seen in his last video.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from depression please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline on 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Etika had a history of mental health issues and eight months ago, needed to be forcibly hospitalized in a psychiatric ward. Etika’s fans and friends were frantically searching for him amid fears that he scheduled his “I’m Sorry” video to be posted after he took his own life. The video was posted on Wednesday, June 19. He was found dead on June 25.

It wasn’t the first time he’s threatened to take his own life. Back in October, he sent his followers into a deep fear after writing “It’s my turn to die” on Reddit, and then a few hours later to write, “Guys I’m fine, please stop worrying about me LOL. You know I like to be overdramatic. Carry on!!”

So @Etika has released a new video on YouTube that was scheduled for upload at midnight titled 'I'm sorry', with its contents and the description of the video reading as a suicide note

And btw, the video was disturbing and it got removed. #Etika

— Juan Miguel Deleon (@Videogameboypro) June 20, 2019

On June 20, You Tube removed Etika’s “I’m Sorry” video from the site for violating its terms. However, clips from the original post were saved and shared by his followers and subscribers on Twitter.

(Video) Etika Found Dead By NYPD

The Video Caused Mass Confusion About Whether It Was a Real Final Message or a Prank

There was mass confusion online as to whether or not to take Etika’s threat seriously. The responses online were a mixture of fear, sadness, confusion, worry, and those who believe Etika was once again clowning around.

Not sure exactly what's going on with @Etika , but I hope everything is okay with him. I love watching Etika when I get a chance and it pains me to see someone going through mental illness like this. #etika

— ????????? ネオンブラック (@brutalfistfuck) June 20, 2019

With this talk about depression, suicide, and just general mental health going on with Etika, I just wanted to provide everyone with the suicide hotline number. If there is anyone. And I mean ANYONE whether you know me or not. My dms are open.


The line is 24/7

— Noah L (@ndoggydogable) June 20, 2019

Honestly I feel like Etika is faking this but I COULD be wrong. I’m sorry but these screenshots are really bad and I can’t really believe these break downs anymore. If this is real I hope he can find the right support he needs and he gets well soon.

— Alex Szubka (@SzubkaAlex) June 20, 2019

(Video) Missing YouTube Star ‘Etika’ Found Dead In East River, Police Say

His Ex-Girlfriend Alice Pitka Spoke Out to Say She Didn’t Know What Was Happening

His ex-girlfriend, Alice Pika, a gamer who rose to fame testing new Nintendo products, seemed to confirm that she had no idea what’s happening. She tweeted “Sorry to everyone I haven’t responded to, I’m fine and just got off the phone with a special someone… But enough about me! I don’t know anymore than what you guys know about Etika but that’s because he chose not to share that info with me, and I’m choosing not to investigate.”

Sorry to everyone I haven't responded to, I'm fine and just got off the phone with a special someone. ?

But enough about me! I don't know anymore than what you guys know about Etika but that's because he chose not to share that info with me, and I'm choosing not to investigate.

— Alice ?️ (@TheAlicePika) June 20, 2019

(Video) RIP Etika Body Found Dead By NYPD!!!! LEGEND WILL BE MISSED!!

She followed that tweet up by saying, “He hasn’t reached out to me and I’m not going to call him again. Only if he feels like he needs my help will I help him but of course there will be limits. I’m not even sure his friends would answer my calls if I tried, that’s how bad my relationship with that man is.”

Ayeeee changed my profile pic and reminded me of back when we first got Bombay. Etika fucking LOVES this cat!

Hope these pictures can bring some positivity into this dark situation. He's in pain but not harmed, I'm sure of it. Have faith that he's gonna take his health seriously

— Alice ? AX!! (@TheAlicePika) June 20, 2019

Pitka closed on her thoughts on the matter with a positive note, posting photos of Etika’s favorite cats for everyone to
“have faith” that he’s okay.

Etika Appeared to Hint at His Plans in Previous Videos

During a chat Etika appears to ask “When should I have my next mental break down ya’ll?” to which someone answered, “June 20. A few days after most people should be out of school.” Etika then responded, “gotchu imma put that sh*t in my calendar.”

Keem, who Etika makes a shout out to in his “I’m Sorry” video, tweeted that he was trying to make contact with him, and is worried since the video appears to have been a scheduled upload at exactly midnight.

(Video) Etika Suicide - NYPD Confirms Death. RIP Desmond Amofah

The scariest thing about this Etika video where he’s basically saying he’s not going to be around anymore. He uploaded at midnight but it was filmed in the day meaning it’s a scheduled upload & if he really did off himself it’s too late.

Trying to make contact now.

— KEEM ? (@KEEMSTAR) June 20, 2019

The NYPD Were Investigating

Have you seen Desmond Amofah aka Etika?
He was last heard from June 19 at about 8PM by phone. He is 29 years old, approx 6 feet tall, and 160 lbs. He is a known @YouTube blogger and has many people concerned after a recent video. Call @NYPDTips anonymously with info 800-577-TIPS

— NYPD NEWS (@NYPDnews) June 20, 2019

Overall, there was a lot of fake and misinformation floating around Twitter. The NYPD was involved from early on to help investigate Etika’s whereabouts. Police reported that while canvassing the Manhattan Bridge area, they found his belongings, which include his New York driver’s license, wallet, cell phone, black and red Nintendo Switch, and laptop bag, which contained a pair of boxers, a shirt, shorts, and headphones.

In his final video, Etika wrote:

“I’m sorry for betraying all of your trust. I’m sorry for the manipulative things I’ve done, and I’m sorry I never sought help for myself.
I’ve made my bed, and now I’ve got to sleep in it. Please learn from my example. Don’t be like me. Don’t push away the people that care about you.
I’ve always lived my life as a ?, so I guess that’s all my “legacy” will amount up to. Don’t let this social media shit consume you the way it did me. I pushed away and hurt so many of you.
The good times however! MAN were they good. I’ve lived an incredible life filled with thrills and happiness. Even though I always was an odd ball out, I used that as my strength and brought together an incredible community of insane wild bois just like me. God I’ll miss you all so much.
I was mentally troubled, and far to stoneheaded to admit it, far too stubborn to face it, and far too scared now to deal with it.
God… I’m so sorry I hurt you all so badly. I’m so sorry I betrayed you all. I mislead so many of you, I manipulated, I lied, I shifted blame… I don’t know what awaits me on the other side, but I’m ready to face it.
As far as we know, there is no life after death. My time ends now, but if there is a way for me too, I’ll send you all as many blessings as I can from the other side.
Thank you all for helping to making my life the incredible tale it was. ✨ I’m sorry it had to end on such a heartbreaking note. Though I know for SURE hella people are gonna prolly laugh at it LOL I just hope there’s at least some fresh me-me’s that come of it. I’m dying as a guy hated by a lot of people, so I know you all won’t let me down haha.
Well, that’s my cue. Time for me to go. I mean this with every bit of my heart…
Take care of yourselves, and of course, as usual, please have yourself a damn good one.


What was the cause of Etika death? ›

June 19, 2019), better known as Etika, was an American YouTuber, online streamer, rapper, and model.
Amofah in May 2019
BornDesmond Daniel AmofahMay 12, 1990 Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Diedc. June 19, 2019 (aged 29) East River, New York City, U.S.
Cause of deathSuicide by jumping
16 more rows

Did they ever find Etika? ›

A body pulled from the East River has been identified as that of missing YouTuber Desmond Amofah, better known by his online name, Etika, New York police said Tuesday. The body was recovered Monday near the South Street Seaport in Manhattan, authorities said.

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Where is the Etika Memorial? ›

The mural is located in Etika's home borough of Brooklyn, New York. A 40-foot memorial mural depicting deceased YouTuber Etika— real name Daniel Desmond Amofah—has been digitally immortalized through its inclusion in the mobile game Pokémon Go.

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