Today, you’re gonna be playing a game– – Okay. – (FBE) But it’s going to be a little bit different than usual. – Well, I’m standing so it’s gotta be interactive. – It seems I’m gonna be pretty physical over here. – Is it VR?

That’d be really cool. – (FBE) You’re gonna be using this. – Oh, okay, cool.

– Looks like a form of the Oculus Rift. – Is this the HTC one? (gasping) I heard this one was amazing!

– (FBE) This is a virtual reality gaming headset called the HTC Vive. – I’m assuming it’s like the Oculus? – (FBE) Today, we’re gonna have you try it out and play a game called “Job Simulator.” In this game, you will be going through the role of a standard office job. – (laughing) I will suck at that ’cause I suck at standard office jobs.

– I feel like it’s gonna be like playing Office Space. So excited. Let’s do it. – Okay, this is really weird. It feels like it’s right here. Like, I honestly feel like I could reach out and touch the desk.

– Oh, we got a paper airplane. Oh my god. This is crazy. – (bot) Come on! – What’s up, dude?

– (bot) Hello, human. Welcome to an accurate simulation of (monotone) Office Worker. Take a look at this board for instructions. – Where is the board?

Oh, there it is. – “Take paper when ready.” Oh my god. Where’s the paper? Is that the paper?

– Work assignment is here? (beep) “Get to work!” – (bot) Workers would traditionally start their day with an addictive liquid stew.

– (laughing) It’s the coffee cart. – Donuts? Hmm. – Yes.

I don’t know which donut– my kids would go for sprinkles. – I’m going for the sprinkles. – Um, this one.

– Where’s the napkins, buddy? ‘Cause this is unsanitary. Do I eat this too? Like, put it to my mouth? – (FBE) Yeah.

– (in awe) Oh! (munching) Whoa! (munching) – (laughing) It’s jelly filled. (laughing) This is cool. (munching) – Oh, I ate it. I ate the donut.

Oh my gosh. I could eat all of them. (munching) I love donuts.

(munching) Woo-hoo! Oh, I can’t pick that up. All right– where…

I thought I ate them. Oh, I didn’t eat these ones either. Ew.

(munching) Uh-oh. That might have not been a good choice, but all right, let’s get goin’. – I’ve got another fax. “Get to work.” – (bot) Now you are ready to start your day.

– Okay. – (bot) It’s time for (monotone) computer. – (laughing) “Wake up computer.” – (bot) The computer is the most important facet of the office, with humans and safety being a close second and third. – (laughing) What was– humans are a close second? – All right.

(buzzing) It’s– oh, it’s not plugged in. Why the hell would my computer monitor not be plugged in? (buzzing) – Oh, of course. Who unplugs their computer every single night? (beep) – This is one of those old-school computers.

– Use the mouse? “Press trigger.” “Welcome, user.

Logging in.” – (bot) Email was an inefficient form of communication popularized in the mid-1990s. – Okay. That’s nice. Do I click my email then? What the hell?

(scrolling rapidly) – Whoa! (scrolling rapidly) (ding) 65,535 messages. – Can I delete? This is what I do with all my email at home. It makes it a lot easier to read it.

– (bot) Ah, the freedom of inbox zero. – (laughing) – I didn’t even read them. I’m a horrible employee.

Well, then again, who reads their emails? – There’s a basketball hoop right there. I threw my ba– oh, yes! All right, guys. Let’s do this.

(buzzing) We’re gonna come back to that later, but I will make it. But– oh. – I’m taking the same paper and it says the same thing. – (bot) Here comes Supervisor Bot. Better look busy! – Ah, crap!

Where’s my fake Excel sheet? – (Supervisor Bot) Okay, everybody. Let’s make some (monotone) business.

Johnson, I’m counting on you to (monotone) to paradigm shift those (monotone) optimizations. – (Johnson) Uh, y-you can count on me. – (Supervisor Bot) That’s what I like to hear! Hey, human! You’ve been doing a (monotone) good job. – Thank you!

– (Supervisor Bot) I’m thinking about giving you (monotone) a promotion. In fact, if nothing goes wrong in the next ten seconds, the job’s yours. – If nothing goes wrong in the next ten seconds? Okay, um… – Look busy. Hmm.

(typing) Hmm. I’m just typing over here. – (Supervisor Bot) You see? That’s why I like you. Always workin’ hard to climb that ladder. Take this.

The new position’s yours. – Yes! – Oh, okay, cool.

“Assistant to the supervisor.” ♪ (chime) ♪ So I got a new job title. – Where should I put this? Somewhere where EVERYBODY can see it. I’ll just put it right here.

– “Assistant to the supervisor.” Hwah! Oh, I almost got him. – What else am I work– – (boss bot) Have you seen the latest sales report? – No, I have not seen it. – (boss bot) This isn’t good.

Load up the old spreadsheet program and fix these numbers. – Oh my god. Spreadsheet program. Open. Open. Open.

(beeping) – “Fix the numbers.” So, what, am I just gonna forge some stuff? (buzzing) Oh! Oh, I’m sorry. – Sales are not lookin’ good. We’re spending too much on hot sauce– guys– and staples.

– Why did we spend– sir, why did we spend $7,000 on hot sauce? What? $7 million on hot sauce! And staples? Oh my god. You– you shouldn’t be the boss.

– What am I supposed to do now? I have to get profits up? How do I do that?

(clicking) Am I cooking the books? (shocked) What? Zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero. Hey! We’re in the green.

– Look, sir. That totally wasn’t illegal, what I just did. – Perfect. (profit line rises) Look at those profits!

(beeping) Aren’t you proud of me? – The books… (laughing) “Totally legit revenue book.” There you go.

– (boss bot) Wow, you cooked those books like a professional! – Next work assignment. I’m ready, guys. Let’s do it.

What do we gotta do? “Snack attack.” – (bot) At midday, humans would interact with primitive robots known as (monotone) vending machines to obtain food. – Where’s my money?

Do I have a wallet or anything? – I’m gonna go… triangles? Come on! Let’s go.

Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go.

No? Oh. (laughing) Thank you. Thank you very much. That was nice of you just to give me money. – Thank you, sir, for this kind money.

(beeping) And I’m gonna get a burrito. (beeping) – I want a burrito. (beeping) – (bot) Looks (monotone) delicious.

Enjoy your meal, human! (munching) – Whoa! We’ve got beans, rice, guacamole. – Now I get my triangles. – (bot) Looks (monotone) delicious. – Oh my god.

So delicious. (loud crunch) One bite, baby! – Just– (loud cruch) (laughing) I just ate the whole bag.

– Am I a great coworker? (sighing) Am I a great coworker? Rude. (whirring noise) – (coworker bot) Bot number (monotone) 10110 is retiring tomorrow and we wanted to give him a parting gift. Everyone’s pitching in. Why don’t you give me something you’d like to contribute?

– Huh… how about this smiley face ball? What about that? – (coworker bot) Oh, how thoughtful!

– Yeah, well… – Can I give him a stapler? – (coworker bot) Oh, how thoughtful! I’m sure they will (monotone) appreciate it. – Reminds me from Office Space. “Th-Th-That– That stapler.”

– (coworker bot) Do you think you could type up a quick card to go with this? It would make it a lot more (monotone) personal. – They’re asking so much of me. – Now I gotta type up a card for Bob here. He’s retiring.

– A resume note, a thank you note– no. Get well, no. Birthday, no. A haiku!

Done! “I-E… I enjoy…” – “I enjoy my work. The cubical is my home.” – “To live is to job.” (ding) I was gonna– it’s not a touch screen.

– A thank you note. “Thanks for being so good at job.” (ding) With a smiley face. – Love letter, because I want him to leave just wondering what we could have been, you know? All right. There we go.

– (laughing) “I emotion you.” – So I’m assuming I need to print that out, you know, ’cause we’re gonna share that with– – (coworker bot) That looks good. Hand it to me. – That looks good.

– I emotion you. (softly) Don’t tell him! But I really emotion you. I don’t ever want you to leave. (deep sigh) – (boss bot) Hey, look, I’ve got some papers I need you to shred.

It has to be you for legal reasons. – (laughing) Okay, got to shred some paper for legal reasons. – (boss bot) Here, just look in the case.

Shred everything. Just get rid of it. – Oh, there’s the books that I cooked.

Okay, cool. – Oh– oh no! Oh, wait. (buzzing) (paper shreds) – Let’s see– another book.

Pick it up from the floor. Shred it. – All right, this is a really weird shredding machine.

It seems kinda dangerous. Why am I– am I shredding money? I feel like I could use that.

– I’m mad at you for this, but fine. There you go. – Turn off the shredder. – (boss bot) Ooh, that was a close one! – (scoffs) “That was a close one.”

– (boss bot) …nothing to see here. – Cheese it! It’s the cops! Okay, nothing to see here. – (cop bot) Hold it! Don’t let that bot get away.

– (laughing) – (cop bot) Don’t let that bot get away! – He went that way. – What? Was that the police?

What the hell is going on here? – (CEO bot) Hello, human. I am CEO bot. – Oh boy.

– (CEO bot) Boss bot needs to go away for a while, and you’ve been doing a really (monotone) good job. So I’d like to offer you a promotion! – Hell, yeah!

Oh, it’s my cake. – (bots) Happy (monotone) promotion… – (laughing) – (bots) … to (monotone) human. – Yay! Happy promotion to you. (party favor toots) – All right!

Awkward office celebration. Where everybody sings to you and you just stand there and don’t know where to look. – Okay, blow. (blows) (blows) (beeping) – (coworker bot) Sorry, human. Looks like there’s not enough cake for you. – There’s no cake for me.

That’s mean. – You realize I just got promoted and you all took my cake? You don’t need this.

YOU don’t need this. You’re still working over there, Jenny. You don’t even need to be here.

I earned this! I did a lot of things for this business. You– I don’t even know who you are. Are you new?

Did I hire you? Oh my! See, this is great. Now I’m ballin’.

– (coworker bot) Here you go, human! I got you a (monotone) present. – What is this? I don’t even know. I got a present!

Oh my god! You guys, this is the best day ever. (beeping) – Great, “Senior mid-boss aide.” – (CEO bot) Now that you’re the boss of this department, I’ll leave it to you to do the honors. (buzzing) – The honors of what? Work hard?

Go home? – Yeah! I can go home now. ♪ (party music) ♪ – (coworkers) Yay! Woo-hoo! It’s time to go home!

– Yes, time to go home. – (coworker bot) Let’s get out of here before our boss tries to stop us! – All right. – Yay! I get to go home now. But I have to come back on Saturday.

– That was, like, the best day at work of all time. – I totally forgot that I was in this room, or that there were other people around. – I never thought a cubicle job could be so fun, and I made so many friends even though I got rejected a few times, but it’s life. It’s life. – Thanks for watching this episode of gaming on the React channel. – What are you playing on the VR?

Let us know in the comments. – Subscribe so you can watch us make work fun again. – Thank you guys for watching this. It means a lot that you guys keep watching and I’m really grateful that you let me do this stuff that I get to do. – See you guys next time! ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪

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