10 INSANE Video Game Injuries

Usually you do not associate actual injuries with videogames Sure in sports or more physical events. You may end up hurting yourself and when you’re playing video games for a long time, You might get a little sore, but you would actually be surprised how many actual injuries have come from video gaming. What’S up guys Jimmy here welcome to chaos top tenza today, We’re gon na be taking a look at and counting down Tanna of the most insane actual video game Injuries.

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Kicking off our list at number. 10 is my lawn Mathias. My lawn boards started his career at a very young age, Winning his very first league of Legends tournament online when he was only 14 years old back in 2011, which got the attention, of course, and ultimately, resulting in him signing with vti the following year. He saw decent success throughout the years and jump teams a few times eventually leading to him settling with pain gaming, although He is no longer signed with them and in 2015, on his 19th birthday, Myon got a pretty sinister gift, as he was hospitalized for lung problems, Which reportedly happened when he was playing Get used to hearing about lung problems, because you’re going to be surprised how many players have suffered from them during actual video game match At number 9?

All of my stern, you guys, may know this guys. He is currently playing Counter Strike global Offensive for phase and is widely considered to be one of the best players of all time. He started his career in 2012 with absolute legends and he had pretty solid success with them. He jumped teams a few times, but in 2016 he announced he would be taking a break from competitive play due to issues with his hand, which was later revealed to be a Repetitive strain injury, which is commonly referred to as gamers thumb and has caused by repetitive Tasks, forceful, exertions vibrations, mechanical compression stuff like that or even sustained or awkward Positions. All of Meister was able to overcome the injury and came back to competitive play in 2017, where signed on with faze clan, so he overcame his injuries At number. Eight, we have a young pro by the name of SC, got a lot of attention.

After starting off with the team for our utopia at the age of fifteen, He was one of the youngest Starcraft two players To actually ever do so. He became known for his very, very aggressive playstyle and always pressuring the enemy early on in the match. Before sitting back and playing more methodical in the later sections, He would keep them off balance. In August of 2011 s, He suffered a collapsed lung, Forcing him into surgery in a temporary retirement after the surgery, as he came back into competitive Starcraft 2, But suffered a relapse just a few months later, forcing him once again out of the actual league, he officially Retired, in 2014, after a long on-and-off battle with a Number seven, we have a player by the name of Kevin ppmd nany. He is one of the five gods of Super Smash, bro melee And, as unanimously regarded as one of the best players of all time, He’s known for his intimidating, Falco and graceful Marth, and despite his dominance, He announced his actual retirement in 2016 due to depression, low Testosterone and an overwhelming Physical fatigue that prevented him from competing at his best. He has since Started attending smaller local events and pretty much everyone in the melee scene is begging for him to make a return.

But he has yet to announce a full comeback And it comes to a point where you just look at your quality of life And even if your man at the very top the upper echelons, You look at it And say I’m not happy. Or this is debilitating and I have to make changes to fix it, and that looks like what Kevin PPMD has done At number 6. We have a Clinton fear Loomis, He’s one of the most respected dota players in the business, winning multiple world championships and winning millions of dollars Alongside it He’s currently the captain and part owner of Evil Geniuses.

But for a long time He actually suffered from issues with his hands due to over training. According to fear, he would practice for eight to twelve hours a day when he was at the top of his game and After a while, he ended up experiencing sharp pain in his forearm every time He would click the mouse which, as you guys can imagine, became A major problem for him as a dota player in September of 2016, he finally announced retirement due to him not being able to handle the pain during matches. He is still very involved with esports world, though, and he still coaches and owns Evil Geniuses, But the fact that he can’t compete because of that that just has to be gut-wrenching for this guy Cracking into the top five. Today We have Guardian another csgo player currently with phase Guardian first started his career in 2009, while playing counter-strike source before switching over to global Offensive. In 2012 he has had a great career was voted.

The second best player in the league in 2015 by Htlv org. Much like his teammate olofmeister Guardian suffered problems with his hands, But these were a little more drastic due to the actual circumstances. His wrist pain was so bad And he didn’t want to leave his team behind.

So during the grand finals of MLG Columbus 2016, He cranked up his mouse sensitivity to four times higher than his normal settings. In Order to make up for the lack of mobility in his hands. Now They ended up losing the match in taking home 2nd place, But the fact that, just that he did that that’s an ultimate team player, Making the sacrifice and trying to do what he could for his team. And I know some people will laugh that don’t believe eSports is a real sport and say: oh, it’s a hand, injury. It’S not that big a deal, anything that is heard on your body. I mean that’s a physical injury, They don’t.

I guess some people don’t realize how much toll you put through your hands when it comes to a keyboard and a mouse or a controller, a number 4. We have blade this Counter Strike. Global Offensive Player was the captain of the copenhagen wolves And it was definitely a rough time when he was hospitalized with a collapsed lung. He actually suffered the injury during a match at the Assembly winter tournament, but he revealed on Facebook that he didn’t want to leave his team or walk away from the match.

So he fought through it and Finished the match, resulting in one of his worst performances, o at ever 10 frags on two maps. After the match. He was rushed to a nearby hospital in Finland and was later sent into surgery when he got home to Denmark. This dude was playing with a Collapsed lung.

He knew what was happening and he still toughed it out to get through the match. That’S that’s insane. At number three we have Hyatt. Lamb is one of the most legendary PC eSports competitors of all time known for his work in League of Legends and Starcraft 2.

He started his career in 2012 when he signed with fear gaming But really broke out on the scene when he switched over to cloud 9 later that year and led them to two Championships. Unfortunately, his dedication to the game ended up. Getting him hurt in 2015 and pushing him in to retirement, He send a post online.

I can play xbox games with a controller or even a little of other games like League or dota or whatever, But whenever I even play two to three games of Starcraft 2. My hands end up killing me for an entire Week. This retirement was a brief one and he was able to come back into the game once his hand. Conditions Got a little better, But it was a pretty big deal for such a prominent player to announce retirement because he physically couldn’t handle the game anymore. At number two, we have a player by the name of Janus whose real name is Seong Joon of hua Hope.

I said that right He’s a professional overwatch player for luxury watch, blue and a tank player. Things get very, very stressful for him, however, when he missed a match at Apex 2017 due to him being rushed to the hospital for what was later to be revealed. You guessed it a collapsed lung. He was able to come back into the game and recover fully, although He reportedly was in a lot of pain for multiple events. Once He came back, This is yet another eSports player who suffered from lung problems. According to medical reports, Collapsed lungs are common in eSports players due to the poor posture in the skinny bodies being notorious for creating weak lungs.

Remember in those gaming habits, video that I did in the past, where I said you need to watch your posture well, This is a perfect example of why that is so important and it’s gon na be Sports is getting bigger and bigger. This is going to become more prominent as we go At number one. We have a che X, money side, pronounced packs money, Aziz, Al Yami, better known as hax money to the world of super smash. Bros melee was once one of the best players around and was at one point Widely considered the best Captain Falcon made in the world. However, After switching characters to Fox, he got a lot of attention for just how fast he was and how insanely Technical his playstyle was almost as if it was a computer. This is insanely fast computer, like style quickly Led to his downfall, is in 2014.

He reportedly felt an explosion in his hand, which resulted in two surgeries, one of which removed the ball From his left wrist. He was forced to retire from competitive melee, since he could no longer play on a gamecube controller, although He later was able to build and program his own unique controller. So he could start playing again despite his injuries, And he has since been attending tournaments and getting solid placings with his custom box controller.

There you have it my friends, Those are 10 insane actual video game Industry’s a lot of people – And I didn’t know before the start. Making of this video that collapsed lungs Were such a prominent thing when it came to eSports players, the stress that they put on their bodies, not necessarily in the sense of running miles and miles, but playing for 16 hours a day With their hands their eyes and Their wrists and their fingers it takes a toll, as you guys can see from this video. I hope you guys enjoy it. I hope it was informative Drop a like on the video. If you did there’s a playlist below, if you guys want to check out all the other gaming top Tens and I’ll see you on the next one.

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