LOTR – “Shores Of Evendim” Expansion Now Live

The first expansion pack for Lord Of The Rings Online is now Live. This is a free expansion available to all players. The notes of changes is 3 pages long and will be posted in parts………

Hello everyone! Following are patch notes for the Shores of Evendim update which goes live on June 13. They’re quite large and are broken up into 3 parts. We hope you enjoy all of the new content, tweaks, and fixes in this update, and we’ll see you soon in Evendim!

Of Special Note

New World Content

We’ve added an entire new region to the game: Evendim! Roughly the size of the Shire, players can venture here from roughly level 25+. Located north of the Shire and west of Fornost, this new region has loads of new quests, monsters, items and more! Here are some cool facts on this brand new region:

  • Dúnedain of the North once inhabited the lands of Evendim. In fact, it is here that the capital of Arnor,is built by Elendil after the fall of
  • The remains of the great city of Annúminas sprawl along the southern shore and islands of Lake Evendim, or Nenuial as it is sometimes called.
  • At some point the city was abandoned by the Dúnedain of the North when the kingdom of Arnor was sundered into three realms: Arthedain, Cardolan
    and Rhudaur.
  • The reason for this sundering involves a dispute between the three sons of Eärendur over the fate of Annúminas.
  • Since the city did not fall in war but was abandoned, many of its ruins remain nearly intact and rumors of great lost wealth are told throughout Eriador.
    The lure of ancient riches attracts many unsavory types to Evendim.
  • Angmar is not ignorant of Annúminas, and has sent scouts to discern if there is anything of value to them.
  • At the same time, in Rivendell the Fellowship continues preparing to leave while Aragorn decides that now is the time to re-forge Narsil. For the light
    to be returned to this blade, a great gem, long since missing from the hilt, must be replaced. Such a gem may reside in the tombs of Annúminas.

New Instances

Deep in the northern regions of the Misty Mountains lies Helegrod, the location of LOTRO’s first 24 person raid!

The ancient keep of Helegrod was home to mighty dwarves during the times of Moria. The dragon Thorog coveted the riches that lay within and assaulted the city, slaying dwarves beyond measure. Durin the Fifth strapped to his back Mírdanant, a gift of Eregion to his grandsire which passed from father to son through the long years. He strode with a small company of dwarves to the gates of Helegrod. Durin bellowed a challenge, and Thorog responded in kind! The battle was joined! So fierce was the fighting between dragon and dwarf that the very gates of Helegrod were split asunder.

After weary days and nights, Durin began at length to tire; all those in his company lay dead or dying, save Bruni who was called Yellowbeard in later years, whose wounds were too severe for him to continue waging battle. Still, mighty Thorog fought on, refusing to surrender the treasures of Helegrod to their rightful masters. Thorog prepared a white-hot jet of flame with which to roast Durin, whom he judged to be near death, but too late he realized his error. Too late! For lo! Durin swung Mírdanant with all that remained of his strength, and there ended Thorog’s cruel reign.

Durin would not live to see victory, for Thorog’s final gout of flame proved too strong for the dwarf’s stout shield, and he was ended. Mírdanant was lost with Durin; it remains to this day buried in the neck of Thorog’s corpse.

Additional new instances in this update include:

  • The Tomb of Elendil
  • The Blade that was Broken
  • Twisted-heart
  • Barad Gûlaran
  • A Formal Complaint
  • Thief-taker’s Bane
  • Amarthiel’s Friends
  • Oakheart’s Might