LOTR New Quests & Deeds

Over 100 new quests (including over 75 in Evendim) and over 20 new Deeds have been added! New quest arcs include:

  • Book 9: The Twilight Shores
  • The Reforging of Narsil
  • Farmer’s Bane
  • A Formal Complaint
  • Missing the Meeting
  • Threat from the North
  • Befuddled Titans
  • The Twisted Forest
  • Breakfast in the Ruins
  • A Plague of Efts
  • Treasure Hunt

Introducing 7 sets of Epic Armour!

  • Each class now has a unique set of class specific Epic Armour! Each set is specifically tailored to the class giving great bonuses to the stats that matter most.
  • Numerous additional sets are also available at lower levels, ranging from level 30 to 50.
  • The new Epic Armour comes in the form of “sets”. As you gain more pieces of the set, new bonuses are automatically unlocked for your character. Now, being statistically cool also means you are visually cool!

Additionally (see the full patch notes for more detail):

  • The Music system received several major improvements!
  • The Raid UI was given a revamp!
  • Battle in the Ettenmoors is now persistent. The tides of battle will now shift and remain in their state regardless of server shutdowns or outages.
  • Rain is back! Long have our players pined for the rain which was so cruelly removed from them.
  • Travel routes throughout the game have had their costs adjusted to be more consistent.
  • Certain monster attacks that applied damage-over-time effects were overriding one another. Now, each monster should be able to apply their own effect which should not replace another’s. This was already occurring with normal DOTs, but should now also be in place for others, such as Poison and Fear DOTs.
  • Farming has had a major overhaul! Please see the crafting section for more details.
  • Auction hall money displays now show all denominations except for leading zero ones. For example: “1g 0s 100c”, or “5s 0c”, or “41c”,
  • Crafting resource nodes can only be opened by one player at a time! No more having your node mined out from under you.
  • The winning cloak designs from the cloak design contest are in!
  • Any crafted item that wasn’t bind-on-equip is now set to be so.
  • Reduced the cost of posting kinship auctions from 30 silver to 3 silver. Too many zeroes!
  • Time of Day indicator added to the radar. This contains both the local (computer’s) time when moused over and the time of day the game is currently experiencing (as an iconic).
  • Tweaks and balance passes to all major adventure instances.
  • Added an option in the Repair UI to only show equipped items.
  • We now allow position and size replacement when modifying the UI. Additionally, more keywords have been added to the SkinDefinition.xml file to allow you to change the default location and size of many elements on the screen.